Purpose of Ioannina Region Hotels Association is the preservation, the study, the protection, the assertion and the promotion of ethical, economic, social and professional interests of its members, in the frame of the community service.

Constituting one of the most dynamic bodies of development and support of tourism entrepreneurship and competitiveness in Epirus and the broader region, aims to highlight and promote the leading role of tourism in the local economy.

Priority objectives and key activities of Ioannina Region Hotels Association among others are…

  • The conveyance and promotion of IRHA hotel Members and the broader region of Epirus, domestically and in markets abroad
  • The promotion of members’ requests and the constant information and update
  • The provision of advisory services to IRHA hotel members and all the interested stakeholders & community bodies, concerning the tourism market trends and the tourist demand shaping & mapping in the region
  • The information & update of IRHA hotel members about new technologies in the tourism sector, in order to penetrate new target markets
  • The creation and development of professional awareness & tourism consciousness among IRHA hotel members
  • The active participation and strategic cooperation in the research, planning and implementation of tourism development strategies in the region
  • The diversification and differentiation of the local tourism product and its promotion in the domestic and international tourism markets