Ioannina Region Hoteliers Association was founded in November 1994 as a professional non-profit organization based in Ioannina. The founding members were a small group of businessmen consisting of hotel owners, operating in the Region of Ioannina. Today, 23 years later, the power of the Ioannina Region Hoteliers Association incorporates 70 hotels with 1800 rooms and 4000 beds, representing approximately 60% of the total hotel beds in the Region of Ioannina.


All IRHA members provide services of high quality standards in tourism, and are officially certified by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO). Among the members, hotels with high standards are included, and create a hotel infrastructure reshaping the regional tourism product, meet all tourism modern forms, and fulfill all the specific requirements of the current and future visitor.


This powerful force enables Ioannina region Hoteliers Association to play a crucial role for the tourism development of Epirus and beyond in Northwestern Greece. With a high sense of responsibility and specific importance, IRHA makes substantial contributions to the Development Policy of the region and provides consulting services to the broader Ioannina Region and Epirus Prefecture community, towards important strategic issues of our times.    

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