Dear friends,

welcome to the Region of Ioannina, this beautiful destination.

Our website aims to be a useful guide to the visitor, a strategic partner for hoteliers and a valuable partner for tourism professionals.

We hope that the navigation on our website, manages to transport you mentally to the enchanting landscapes of our area and to motivate you to visit our region.

We invite you to visit our area, an area full of images, sounds and tastes. An area that stimulates all the senses and offers new experiences. The magnificent Tzoumerka, the traditional Konitsa, the fairytale-like Zagorochoria, the unique Metsovo, the beautiful Ioannina, the ancient Dodoni, the historic Pogoni and the famous Zitsa, are waiting you for an unforgettable experience.

We, as the Ioannina Region Hotels Association, ensure that our hotel units and our people will make every effort for a quality and comfortable accommodation.

The new Ionian and Egnatia highways, the International Airports of Ioannina and Aktio as well as the port of Igoumenitsa enhance the accessibility of our region.

With a few clicks, each of you can search for the right accommodation based on your needs, identify useful information about the area, be informed about the offered activities and much more.

As a Ioannina Region Hotels Association, we are committed to continue our efforts to enhance our tourism product by providing quality services, in order to make your experience unforgettable.

Let us not forget, after all, that “you experience each journey three times: when you dream it, when you live it… and when you remember it“.

Yours sincerely,

President, Ioannina Region Hotels Association